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The DVD Music Licensing Guide
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The DVD Music Licensing Guide is a comprehensive music copyright handbook giving expert advice for anyone who wishes to use music in a DVD production. Don’t get caught out, learn how to license music correctly - and legally!

Ivan was inspired to write this guide due to the increase of copyright enquiries being received by his company, Musicalities, from eminent TV & video producers, independent film makers, school & theatrical productions, universities & colleges and even makers of wedding DVDs. This guide will help its readers to understand more fully about music copyright and how to navigate the way through what might be a music copyright minefield. It is very important to understand which music rights have to be cleared or licensed prior to the production, manufacture or distribution of a DVD - all of which is explained in the guide.

With ever changing technology, DVDs in many formats are being created by both amateurs and professionals and using any unlicensed music could be an extremely costly mistake. The author has worked within the music publishing and music copyright business for many years and is able to pass on through this guide first class advice and tips that he has learnt from his experience.

"Because it’s been devised by Ivan Chandler, who is such an authority on music copyright - as all those who attend his Indie Training Fund courses will testify - this Guide will be an invaluable reference for ITF member companies’ teams and for everyone who works in TV, video and digital production." - Ian Wyatt (Indie Training Fund - Training Director)

The publication will appeal to any individual, company or organization who wishes to include music in their video production for private retail sale or digital distribution. It is a ‘must-have’ guide for producers, film makers, advertising agencies, dance/theatre companies, website designers and many, many more!

About the Author:
Ivan Chandler is the founder of Musicalities Ltd., one of the UK’s leading music copyright consultancy companies for the television, film and entertainment industry. He was the author of “The Music Copyright Guide for Television and Film Production” published by PACT in 1997. He has since become one of the UK’s most highly respected trainers and lecturers in music copyright.
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