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The Art of Playing with Brushes picture
The Art of Playing with Brushes
GBP£ 19.95
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The Art of Playing with Brushes Presented by Adam Nussbaum and Steve Smith - brilliantly conceived and meticulously documented, The Art of Playing with Brushes is the most comprehensive, definitive and unprecedented volume on the topic ever produced.

Living legends Billy Hart, Eddie Locke, Joe Morello, Charli Persip and Ben Riley— along with modern brush masters Adam Nussbaum and Steve Smith— demonstrate and discuss their distinctive drumming styles then all perform the same set of medium to up-tempo swing, ballads and Latin tunes to compare and contrast their unique approaches and interpretations.

This deluxe addition to every drummer’s library offers a thorough and graphic exploration of the art from a variety of historical, technical and musical perspectives and includes:
• Two DVDs— over seven hours of footage
• 17-Track Play-Along CD minus drums
• Bonus lessons from Adam Nussbaum, Ed Thigpen and Louis Bellson
• 36-page Bonus Booklet and printable PDFs by Mark Griffith that includes “A History Of The Brushes,” a Listening/Reference Guide, Bios of all the featured artists and more.
• Classic video clips and a Photo Gallery

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a mastering error, several PDF Files ("The Sounds of Brushes","How to use the play-along", and "Tempos and Feels in the play-along") were not included on the first edition pressing of The Art of Playing with Brushes DVD. We have therefore offered these three files, plus "Featured Artsists Listening Guide", "A Brush Lesson with Adam Nussbaum" and "Bios of the Featured Artists" here, on

Artists IncludeBilly Hart; Eddie Locke; Joe Morello; Charli Persip; Ben Riley
Running Time7 hours, 16 minutes
Number of Discs3
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