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Randy Black: The Black Book: Creative Metal Drumming picture
Randy Black: The Black Book: Creative Metal Drumming
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Randy Black is synonymous with extreme metal drumming and with many years of performance and teaching experience behind him, the master is releasing this 2 DVD, limited edition, digipack pack so that anyone can benefit from his wealth of knowledge.

"What started out as a plan to record a few songs in pro quality for promotional purposes ended up being this double DVD, filmed and recorded at Monongo Studios in Berlin, Germany. When I approached ROAX films about it they suggested I do a full-fledged instructional DVD. It was not my original plan but after thinking it over and coming up with a concept I thought I'd give it a shot.

It also had to do with the fact that I'd been teaching for quite a few years and knew I had something to offer to a wide variety of levels of players. I hope you can take something from these DVDs and apply it to your playing in your own personal way.

With today's recording methods it's very common that certain programs/software are used to improve or fix someone's playing; it's standard procedure. I wanted this DVD to be "old school" in the sense that there was not one note I played that was moved or quantized. Nor were there any samples used. I wanted the listener/viewer to hear and see how I play naturally and how the drum kit sounds acoustically. Every single drum note you hear played on this DVD was played by yours truly, from start to finish"

- Randy Black

Disk 1 Includes:

  • Basic rudiments on the practice pad
  • Advice to young drummers
  • Hand grip and technique
  • Stretching and stick tricks
  • Applying various rudiments on the kit
  • Hi-hat foot technique
  • Independence exercises/moving accents
  • Various fills and rhythms from Randy's recordings
  • Crossovers
  • Applying different styles to metal music
  • Tools of the trade
  • 3 solos - pad/studio/live

Disk 2 includes:

  • Documentary/Interview
  • Drum performance of 7 songs:
  • Seven Seals/Primal Fear
  • Hit You Harder/Skew Siskin
  • Blood On Your Hands/Primal Fear
  • Heart Of A Brave/Primal Fear
  • Blackened Beauty/Marcus Forstbauer
  • A Promise From Underneath/DuskMachine
  • Cold Blooded/Annihilator (Cover Version)
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