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KOSA Eleven: Lessons with the Masters picture
KOSA Eleven: Lessons with the Masters
GBP£ 7.95
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“KoSA Eleven: Lessons with the Masters”, features over three hours of instruction, interviews and live performance highlights from the eleventh edition of the world-renowned KoSA International Percussion Workshop and Festival.

Produced by KoSA founder and artistic director, Aldo Mazza, in association with Hudson Music, this entertaining, informative and highly educational DVD offers viewers a participant’s perspective on the unique KoSA experience and represents the highlights of the August 2006 event, which was held in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont.

The DVD presents exclusive performance and instructional footage of top drum and percussion artists from around the world, including:
•Memo Acevedo – “Colombian Cumbia rhythm”
•John Amira – “Haitian drumming”
•Clayton Cameron- “Playing uptempo with brushes”
•Kenwood Dennard – “The Woodstroke Technique”
•Jamey Haddad – “Frame drum ideas and other sounds”
•Bernard Purdie – “Groove Routines”
•Antonio Sanchez – “Motivic Development”
•Ed Soph – “Ride Cymbal Technique”
•Glen Velez – “Basic Tar and Bodhran techniques”

Also featured are a fiery duet with legendary conga master, Giovanni Hidalgo and brush specialist Clayton Cameron and interviews with Jim Chapin, Dom Famularo and veteran club drummer and Modern Drummer magazine editor, Rick Van Horn , plus the KoSA Rhythm Section of Rafael Alcala (piano), Jennifer Vincent (bass) and Steve Blair (guitar).

The KoSA International Percussion Workshops are presented by KoSA Communications International. Since KoSA’s founding in 1996 thousands of participants from around the globe have made the annual pilgrimage to the KoSA Workshop and Festival. Visit for the latest information and updates on all things KoSA, including events at the KoSA Academy in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Logon to the KoSA website at to learn more.

Artists IncludeMemo Acevedo; John Amira; Clayton Cameron; Kenwood Dennard; Jamey Haddad; Bernard Purdie; Antonio Sanchez; Ed Soph; Glen Velez
Running Time3 hours, 6 min
Number of Discs1
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