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Dietrich Worlin: Rhythmk Bodyprcssn picture
Dietrich Worlin: Rhythmk Bodyprcssn
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Dietrich Worlin: Rhythmk Bodyprcssn additional picture 1
Front Cover
Dietrich Worlin: Rhythmk Bodyprcssn additional picture 2
Back Cover

Dietrich Wohrlin's textbook and curriculum teaches the basics of body percussion exercises and everything worth knowing about rhythms and body beats. This is a comprehensive guide for academics, music schools, music and math teachers, students, teachers and the ambitious individual!

With 112 pages and a CD offering educationally meaningful and carefully structured exercises, this is a vital rhythm training work for drummers and percussionists. Using both individual and group exercises throughout, with training ideas, new rhythmic concepts, practical examples, clear diagrams and notation to practice and teach. The accompanying CD features a host of useful listening examples and play-along tracks.

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