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David Garibaldi: Breaking the Code Pack picture
David Garibaldi: Breaking the Code Pack
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This Book and DVD pack from David Garibaldi makes a complete system to Break the Code!

Includes the award-winning book The Code of Funk. and the latest DVD from funkmaster Garibaldi Lessons: Breaking the Code. A must have combination!

The comfortable sound and feel of the funk style have become the rhythmic foundation of modern rock, pop, R&B and hip-hop music, and in both The Code of Funk and Lessons: Breaking The Code, Garibaldi offers an overview of the general concepts and techniques used to create funk drumming’s characteristic sounds and infectious grooves while showcasing his own contributions to the style.

Sit in for Dave Garibaldi with Tower of Power with The Code of Funk. This book/cd/dvd brings the drumming of David Garibaldi, and the music of Tower of Power to your practice room in a technologically advanced, cutting-edge musical and educational package.

“The Code” provides an in-depth look at the concepts David uses to create his futuristic, yet, old-school grooves. The Code of Funk is the first instructional package of its kind and will give you the unique opportunity to learn along side one of the most innovative and important drummers in the history of the instrument.

Included as part of The Code of Funk: 80-PAGE BOOK with detailed transcriptions, by David, of his drum performance in each of eight tunes from T.O.P.’s most recent album, “Oakland Zone (Or Music), incisive commentary, photos, a biography, a suggested listening list, and more, CD with all eight tracks minus David's drums, allowing you to "sit in" with this legendary band. Each track provides "click track" count-in, followed by a complete "music minus drums" stereo mix including the lead vocals and solos.

Expanding on the information in his award-winning Code Of Funk book/audio package, and drawing from his experience with the legendary Tower Of Power, world-renowned drummer David Garibaldi’s new Lessons: Breaking The Code DVD provides some of the most insightful instructional content ever available on the subject of funk drumming.

Get both the DVD and Book in one package for a special low price!

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